About Mye Calorie Count

Mye Calorie Counts has developed programmes, which are based on crucial understanding that no two individuals are same- no two appetites are a match, the food plans are structured to encourage, motivate and eventually empower her clients to choose wisely, consistently with margins for comfort favourite foods because what’s a meal that leaves you with an empty stomach and accumulating a craving?

  • The consultations are carried at the convenience of your home or work place. Follow ups are carried out on a weekly basis via telephonic conversation and full support is offered online (Email/Whatsapp/Videocall).
  • A nutritional therapy questionnaire is sent via email post the initial telephonic conversation, which I need you to fill out and send back to me at least one day before we get started. No food groups will be eliminated for weight loss, however, it will be based specially focusing on your body stats and your achievable goals.
  • We focuses on getting back to the basics, celebrating what you can eat instead of restricting. It isn’t a one-size fits all sort of place. Working together, I ensures you get answers to your questions along with guidance, accountability and support so you can feel your best.


Mye Calorie Counts Principles