Can I request a Mye Calorie Counts online nutrition consultation for someone else?

Yes, if you have the patient’s permission. We cannot proceed with the nutrition assessment requested by one individual for another without speaking to the individual for whom the consultation will be conducted.

Is Mye Calorie Counts online nutrition consultation available in every state or country?

Yes, online consultation is available to all individuals globally as Mye Calorie Counts provides ongoing services by Internet and phone coaching. Our phone coaching packages give accountability and changes for those traveling or not available for in-office counseling.

How many online nutrition sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will be based on the severity of your health condition and the reason you’ve chosen to consult us.

I know a lot about food and nutrition, but can’t lose weight. Can you help?

Types of food, balance and timing can make a difference. Many times we know what to eat … but we’re unable to stick to a consistent plan or schedule. That’s where MCC can help. The first step is to evaluate your individual needs through a nutritional assessment that includes body composition, metabolic evaluation, and nutrition and medical history. We’ll work with you to ensure your success. Whether the changes are big or small, you’ll have our help every step of the way. From behavioral aspects and hunger issues to your physical body needs, we’ll create a plan to fit your specific needs.

What is the first appointment like?

The first appointment is a complete evaluation. This session takes about 45 mins to 1 hour that includes history, body composition, metabolic rate and evaluation of nutritional needs. You may complete a questionnaire prior to the first appointment. You will leave with goals and a plan of action for eating.

When should I consider a Mye Calorie Counts online nutrition consultation?

You should consider getting an online nutrition consultation when:

  • You have been told by your physician to see a registered practitioner to help you achieve your weight and/or heart-health goals
  • You have been told you need to lose weight
  • You have been told your cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar is too high
  • You have been diagnosed with a digestive disease such as Crohn’s or Celiac Disease
  • Your current diet is not producing the results you or your physician expected
  • You want reassurance that you are receiving sound nutritional advice from registered practitioner experienced in the field
  • All your nutrition questions have not been answered
  • You want to make sure the nutrition changes you’ve made will help you achieve your goals
  • Your busy schedule makes it difficult for you to visit a registered practitioner face-to-face yet you are interested in improving your diet
  • You want to make nutrition changes at your own pace
Why should I get a Mye Calorie Counts online nutrition consultation?

What we eat has a significant impact on our risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other debilitating diseases. The problem is, our society is so bombarded with conflicting diet messages, “quick fix” weight loss plans, and questionable claims regarding supplements that we have become increasingly confused regarding what foods to eat to improve our health.

Obtaining an online nutrition consultation from Mye Calorie Counts can help dispel many of these nutrition myths and put healthy eating and disease prevention into focus. The hands on clinical experience over the years in helping patients achieve their nutrition and health goals by providing practical, individualized recommendations.

These recommendations are based on years of scientific research on the role of foods in disease prevention and management. No gimmicks or quick fixes: our mission is to give you the right knowledge and tools to make wise food decisions to help you eat healthfully and achieve your weight and disease prevention goals. Our focus is on enhancing your food choices, not depriving you of the foods you love.

What does it cost?

Please visit the pricing section in ‘Book Appointment for more details.

What is your approach to counseling?

This is not just another restrictive diet or calorie counting. The approach to nutrition is non-diet and wellness oriented, utilizing simple lifestyle. Our goal is to get back to basics: Whole foods, in the right amount with the right balance at the right time. Knowing clients’ individual needs through assessment is core to the plan. Often, clients know a lot about nutrition but can’t figure out what’s not working. Mye Calorie Counts will work with you to find simple solutions that focus on the physical responses, hunger, control, and energy level to help you create healthy eating patterns that work for you.

What nutrition services do you provide?

Mye Calorie Counts focuses on wellness nutrition. This includes lifestyle nutrition changes, sports nutrition, weight issues, eating disorders, PCOS, fertility, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular, and special diets, such as celiac, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.