Health Benefits of Strawberries

Berries are known for their health benefits. They are an excellent source of nutrients which help the human body develop it’s immune system and stay strong.  The presence of phyto-chemicals such as anthocyanins which are glycosidic-linked flavonoids responsible for their red, violet, purple and blue colours of the variety of berries. Berries are the edible superstars that protect against heart disease, metabolism and cellular survival.


Strawberries are anti-inflammatory which helps detoxify and repair DNA damage of the cells.

Strawberries  are anti- oxidant and block the production of free radicals, helping maintain a healthy heart.

Strawberries are neuro-protective as they are rich in flavonoids, which is  associated with delayed Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), ischaemia diseases and ageing effects.

Strawberries  are an excellent source of water soluble Vitamin C (for immunity) , and fat soluble vitamin A and K (to help in transportation and metabolism of fat molecules across the body).

Strawberries are a good source of minerals such as calcium (for strong bones), magnesium (maintaining bone health and absorption of calcium in the bones), phosphorous (filtering waste and repairing tissue and cells) and potassium (help maintain the electrolyte balance of the body).



Nutrition Breakdown – 1 cup of strawberries contain  

Energy (C) – 46 calories

Protein – 1.0g

Carbohydrate  – 11.1g

Fibre- 2.9g

Sugar – 7.0g

Fat – 0.4g


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