Health Benefits of Guava

There are many Health Benefits of Guava. Guava is a produce of the tropics. The fruit is eaten fresh and also widely  processed into beverages, syrup, ice cream, and jams. Often referred to as the apple of the tropics,  it contains antioxidant poly-phenolic and flavonoid compounds that play a pivotal role in anti-aging, prevention of cancers, and act as an immune-booster.

5 Health Benefits Of Guava 

Good source of nutrition – Guava is a great source of dietary fibre, which provides a significant amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals without any adverse effects helping treat fatty acids and carbohydrates. It is a good source of folate  – which promotes fertility.

Treatment for anti- mucosal injury – Gastric mucosal injury which occurs due to ischemia and reperfusion can be treated by using the aqueous extraction of guajava leaves gives flavonoids, which show anti-ulcer activities by preventing gastric mucosal lesions in ulcer.

Reduction of Cholesterol Levels – There is a greater decrease in lipoprotein metabolism and blood pressures because of the presence of dietary fibre.

Treatment for Stomach ache and hepatic problems – the leaf extract protect diarrhoea up to level of 55.6%.

Aid for Diabetes – Guava leaves contain mostly essential oil, tannins, flavonoids, phenol compounds, carotenoids and vitamin C having properties like antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-ulcer. Guava leaves tea and extract exhibits excellent effect on antiglycemia – helping control sugar levels in the blood.



Nutrition Content (1 cup)

Energy (C) – 112

Protein – 4.2g

Carbohydrates- 23. 6 g

Fat – 1.2g

Calcium – 30 (IU)

Potassium – 688 (IU)

Vitamin C – 367 (IU)

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