About Ambika


Ambika is trained in nutrition, feeling deeply passionate about wellbeing and healthy sustainable eating patterns.  As a food expert, Ambika helps you identify patterns, decode myth and fads.

Using her experience and knowledge, she advises on the following aspects of nutrition- digestive issues such as (bloating, IBS), improving energy levels, weight management, stress related issues, cardiovascular disease, food intolerances, sports nutrition and diseases such as PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes (type 1 and type 2), hypertension, high cholesterol and hormonal imbalances; all towards yelling tangible and dramatic results.

Her food plans focus on understanding nutrition requirements and increasing food and nutrition value which are altered to an individual’s physical requirement and lead to an automatic sense of wellbeing.
A healed relationship with what you eat, will have a manifold time impact on you- good tasting food, that your body recognises and what you relate to will leave you full of energy and lively “So happy eating”.

Ambika lives in New Delhi and consults on nutrition globally through her online service. She has been invited to consult for several corporate and start-ups.
She pursued studies in Nutrition, completing her BA in Nutrition from Kingston University, London; followed by a Masters in Public Health from University of Bedfordshire, in England. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Nutrition & Dietetics.