I'm a housewife in mid thirties, struggling to maintain my hypo throid levels and reduce migraine attacks. In between I fight my tendency to weight gain also. In my quest for the same, I had consulted half a dozen dietitians and nutritionists before consulting Ambika. With every diet I lost weight and regained it in no time. With Ambika , though I'm still in the process of losing weight, yet this time my common sense says I'm on the right track. Ambika is accommodating, extremely intelligent and provides enough variety in the meals to keep one satisfied. I don't feel at all that I'm dieting or deprived of anything. I'm able to eat all the things I have been restricted by all previous dietitians. I'm far away from cravings and I can do things other than thinking about what next should I eat. Ambika has helped me find the right fitness plan for me and how I should complete my protein intake despite being predominantly vegetarian. I have overcome all food addictions like diet coke and other processed foods, and it was so subtle process that I didn't realize. And weight loss, indeed , that is happening and more so my friends are telling me I look different, as I'm stronger and more energetic.
Rashmit Kaur, Doha, Qatar
Ambika is a very professional nutritionist. and is really good at her work. She tries to understand the daily lifestyle of her clients and their likings and disliking etc. Before the course, she makes us fill a form which has all the necessary details about our routine, medical conditions, food tastes, favourite dishes etc etc ! And the diet chart she plans for you is amazing because you are not starved at all. You eat healthy and the best part is that she incorporates all your favourite dishes in the plan meticulously which makes the diet enjoyable. The 7 day chart along with exercise really helped me lose a few kilos!
Bhavya Kohli, Delhi
I found Ambika's service through her instagram, and It caught my interest. Ive tried many different diets over the years, but i didn't quite find what i was looking for. Ambika was very patient and understood what i really wanted out of diet. As i have a lactose intolerance and MTHFR mutation, she incorporated my conditions to my diet very well. I really appreciated her service was online, as i have a very busy schedule but she was able to accommodate my needs. I'd strongly recommend her to anyone who needs an expert opinion on diet.
Sevgi Umur, Istanbul, Turkey
I took a course of...... Under the complete guidance of Ambika initially for 3 months and then one month more for maintenance. At my age of 53, I was very highly over weight and loosing even a kg was always a challenge ! This course was scientific and superb, I lost 12 kgs, Unbelievable !! I am so happy, I have now completed an year, and not gained any weight and I am fit as a fiddle. Thanks to Ambika ! God bless you and your programme.
Renu Bajaj, Dehradun
She helped me with a diet chart that has helped me come down on my weight and has helped me have a healthy diet. I feel more energetic.
Sharad Kontey, Delhi
Having consulted Ambika I realize it is easy to loose weight and without any stress. She doesn’t put us on fad diets. She knows her job, is conscious of her clients requirements. She believes in lifestyle change and encourages her clients to do so.
Shreya, Delhi
Ambika’s analysis is accurate and she gives many options and ways to make a difference in the desired target you want to achieve.
Anshul Kejriwal, Ranchi
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and needed some advice on what I should eat. Ambika was great, she was very very helpful and helped me understand the foods which were good for my baby and my condition.
Raina Sharma, Bengaluru
Ambika is a very patient nutritionist. The service is online, which is perfect for my busy routine. She listens to your problems and then tailor makes the diet according to your needs. Definitely recommend her to everyone.
Mamta Sharma, Mumbai
If you want to loose weight, follow a diet prescribed by Ambika religiously, like I followed and lost 10kgs in spite of suffering from high blood pressure, 2 heart attacks, diabetes, hypothyroidism and obesity. Your trial is easy surely, a boon.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi
I think she is very professional and knows her job. She doesn’t try one diet on all people. I have lost 4 kgs in 1 and a half months and that is achievable. She is now helping me to maintain and move forward with weight loss.
Priyanka Kaushik, Delhi
Ambika has helped me look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. She really got to know me so she could personalize my plan instead of giving me generic advice. It is great having her for support and never feeling judged for my shortcomings, which makes moving toward my goals much easier. I have an entirely different attitude about food and weight loss. It is something I actually look forward to working on rather than a dreaded diet. I started consulting Ambika about four months ago . I have been into medication for my skin disorder also had early signs of PCOD. Ambika had been the best in analyzing my health disorders .She used her ability get me to achieve my weight goals and health goals. I have almost reached my target weight and I feel in shape. My friends and people around are pretty much keen in knowing how I managed to make a change in such a healthy manner.. Ambika, with her care,and understanding and gentle approach with me in addition to her very successful nutritional program, was able to get me to feel better about myself and lose the weight and inches that I wanted to lose. Ambika has helped me so much! She listened to my issues with food and created a plan that I could really stick with. She is accessible, knowledgeable, and supportive. A true gem. If you are ready to make a real change, I highly recommend you contact her. If you are interested in losing weight or addressing specific nutritional or medical concerns through diet, you should contact Nutritionist Ambika. Her eating plan is completely do-able. it fits into my busy lifestyle and is something I feel I'll be able to stick with for life. I feel certain you will love Ambika.
Roopam Mahajan, Sweden